OC Reflexology

bringing balance, relaxation and rejuvenation

About the Practitioner

Annie Sanchez

Annie’s philosophy is to bring relaxation, healing, calm and rejuvenation that promotes vibrant health to people so they may pursue what makes life worth living. 

Annie became interested in reflexology in the 1990s when researching alternative approaches to relaxation, stress relief and healing. She had three kids at home at the time, and was looking for all the help she could get. With reflexology, she found a sustainable practice that could bring a level of calm to both her life and others. She has seen, time and again, this whole body, holistic approach add ease and vibrancy to the lives of clients, friends and loved ones.

Annie earned her certification as a reflexologist in 2009 from The American Academy of Reflexology. She is a member of Reflexology Association of California & Insured Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. 

When Annie isn't providing her signature healing touch to the clients she's passionate about, she'll be found paddle surfing along the coast of Orange County, chasing around one or more of her 8 grandchildren (all 6 and under!), practicing yoga or drinking a cup of perfectly brewed french press coffee.